2021 Candidates Program Launch.

The work of Youth4Parliament is validated by how many young people will run for office in the next election.

On the 24th of May, 2020, Youth4Parliament launched a candidates program, a shift towards identifying, training and supporting young people who are contesting the 2021 elections. The candidate’s programs signals a shift in the way Youth4Parliament conducts its programming and mobilization to now focus in areas where they are young candidates for the next elections.

Despite being a Sunday of a long weekend, these young people gathered the whole day to attend a mini gathering for the Y4P 2021 Youth Candidates Program launch. Young people and 2021 Elections candidates from all provinces of the country gathered online to launch the program.

The Youth Candidates Program will work as a platform for collaboration, identifying, training and supporting the efforts of the youth contesting the 2021 coming elections.

The young people once again said, forget the weekend, let’s speak about how we get ourselves elected in the next elections to occupy decision making

The online launch of the program is supported by Global Platform Zambia.


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