#People’sBudget Campaign visits Mongu.

Participants from Nga’nga village in Mongu pose for a photo after a community mobilization and budget process training.

#Youth4Parliament is partnering with FIGHT Inequality Zambia and CSPR Zambia on a campaign called the #PeoplesBudget.

This August, 2019, Youth4Parliament joined its partners Fight Inequality Zambia and Civil Society for Poverty Reduction in Mongu District of Western province, were young people from different villages were trained in budget process and tracking, the young people also further trained in community mobilization and the importance of youth participation in Governance processes.

The training took place in Nga’nga Village and Tapo Village in Mongu. Participants took some time during the training to make submissions on how they thought the National Budget should look like. They also highlighted some of the challenges they faced, as rural youth, in their efforts to try and participate in civic process. Key among them was culture barriers and resource constraints.

Youth4Parliament shared some insights and tools on how to organize and activate young people in rural areas for them to effectively add their voices to the governance process, the movement further encouraged them to take lead in initiatives that are meant to hold their leaders accountable and for them to begin taking up civic and political positions in their areas. The youth of Tapo and Nga’nga villages were encouraged to #GetoutAndParticipate in issues that affect them.

Be part of the conversations by using the hashtag #PeoplesBudget share the information with other people and don’t forget to add your voice to the #PeoplesBudget.


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