#People’sBudget Campaign

#People’sBudget Campaign

#Youth4Parliament is partnering with FIGHT Inequality Zambia and CSPR Zambia on a campaign called the #PeoplesBudget

The National Budget is one an important instruments that can ensure a path of poverty reduction thus lessening the wide gap of inequality in the country, but due to its State centeredness and the lack of input by the poor, as a result of little or no knowledge of the budget, it has continued to disenfranchise the poor.

The #PeoplesBudget is Fight Inequality Zambia Campaign designed to build a citizenry that is aware of the budgeting process and tracking its implementation.

Young people must begin to participate in civic issues that affect them. Youth4Parliament will work with partners and stakeholders to ensure that young people are given platforms to engage and add their voices to matters of governance such as the National Budget.

Be part of the conversations by using the hashtag #PeoplesBudget share the information with other people and don’t forget to add your voice to the #PeoplesBudget.


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  1. This is really amazing and a great move it is. I like the fact that you want to engage young people in helping change the “back” of our country.

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