#GetOutAndParticipate Campaign launch.

We successfully launched our #GetoutAndParticipate Campaign 12 March, 2019. The #GetoutAndParticipate campaign will concentrate on highlighting the current status quo in regards to youth participation in politics, governance and decision making processes and spaces, with a primary focus on encouraging youths and women to participate in the political, economic and social activities that are taking place in their communities and the country at large.

1. Engage young people and women in political parties on the need and importance for them to contribute to the social, political and economic discussions in their respective political parties and the nation at large.
2. Engage with young people and women who are not actively involved in politics on the need for them to have interest in politics and provide checks and balances to their respective representatives at various levels.
3. Change the perception and mindset of the public about young people, women and politics and governance.
4. Raise awareness on the importance of youth participation in key decision making positions.
5. Engage young people and women on the importance of participating in national governance processes and taking up decision making spaces.

The campaign is a call to young people to be relevant in their own communities without waiting for someone to create entry points for them. The campaign is set to run until 31st December, 2019.

Part of the crowds that attended the launch of the #GetOutAndParticipate campaign by Youth4Parliament

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  1. Am looking forward to joining your program #GetOutAndParticipate hope am chosen thank you

  2. Really looking forward to the program and hope am picked. Its time for the Zambian youth to #GetOut and Participate. Its our Time!!

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