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Zambia’s parliament has the mandate to make law, the parliament is also charged with other responsibilities that border on the development and survival of the entire nation, anyone above the age of 21 years can contest during parliamentary elections to become a member of Parliament. The definition of a young person in Zambia, is someone between the age of 18- 35 years old.

Did you know that out of 156 (+ Vice President and 9 appointees) members of Parliament, only 3 are below the age of 35? this means they are only about 1.6% of young people in the Zambian Parliament. They are many factors that have led to this state of affairs, and that is why we have come up with a campaign called #Youths4Parliament.

#Youths4Parliament is a movement that targets on increasing the number of young people in the Zambian Parliament. The movement which officially launches on the 1st of August, 2018 will be coupled with a lot of activities across countries. The campaign is targeting Political Parties, and Young people. Activities around the campaign will be Inter University debate competitions, plenary sessions, flash mobs, media programming and many other cool activities. Change begins here, not anywhere else,here with you.

Change begins here, not anywhere else,here with you.

Center For Young Leaders in Africa (CYLA)
Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA)

6 Comments on “Welcome to Youth4Parliament

    • Would love to join the movement, can I get the needed help from the due person in charge of joining.

  1. I’m very pleased and happy to be part of this movement it’s time for young people to make a change

  2. Being young isnt good enough.Politics is very competitive speaking from experience.You wont get it easy by virtue of being a youth only.Make yourselves relevent and achieve your dreams.

  3. a youths is a key to continued wealth and better economy of a nation. a lot comes as reasons to realise the potential of youths in a country. therefore I will appreciate to be part of youth 4 parliament movement.

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