Youth in Politics Training.

Youth4Parliament, in partnership with Global Platform Zambia, convened a 3 days Mini training for Youth in Political Parties. The Mini training was focused on equipping Youth in Politics with the necessary tools to enable them contribute meaningfully in their political party rank and file. The mini training had representatives from 10 Political Parties that signed a Social Contract for the selection of youth candidates for the 2021 general elections with Youth4Parliament.

Youth4Parliament champions the cause of the increase of youth taking up leadership roles in their political party’s.

#GetoutCampaign #CandidatesProgram

2021 Candidates Program Launch.

The work of Youth4Parliament is validated by how many young people will run for office in the next election.

On the 24th of May, 2020, Youth4Parliament launched a candidates program, a shift towards identifying, training and supporting young people who are contesting the 2021 elections. The candidate’s programs signals a shift in the way Youth4Parliament conducts its programming and mobilization to now focus in areas where they are young candidates for the next elections.

Despite being a Sunday of a long weekend, these young people gathered the whole day to attend a mini gathering for the Y4P 2021 Youth Candidates Program launch. Young people and 2021 Elections candidates from all provinces of the country gathered online to launch the program.

The Youth Candidates Program will work as a platform for collaboration, identifying, training and supporting the efforts of the youth contesting the 2021 coming elections.

The young people once again said, forget the weekend, let’s speak about how we get ourselves elected in the next elections to occupy decision making

The online launch of the program is supported by Global Platform Zambia.


#People’sBudget Campaign visits Mongu.

Participants from Nga’nga village in Mongu pose for a photo after a community mobilization and budget process training.

#Youth4Parliament is partnering with FIGHT Inequality Zambia and CSPR Zambia on a campaign called the #PeoplesBudget.

This August, 2019, Youth4Parliament joined its partners Fight Inequality Zambia and Civil Society for Poverty Reduction in Mongu District of Western province, were young people from different villages were trained in budget process and tracking, the young people also further trained in community mobilization and the importance of youth participation in Governance processes.

The training took place in Nga’nga Village and Tapo Village in Mongu. Participants took some time during the training to make submissions on how they thought the National Budget should look like. They also highlighted some of the challenges they faced, as rural youth, in their efforts to try and participate in civic process. Key among them was culture barriers and resource constraints.

Youth4Parliament shared some insights and tools on how to organize and activate young people in rural areas for them to effectively add their voices to the governance process, the movement further encouraged them to take lead in initiatives that are meant to hold their leaders accountable and for them to begin taking up civic and political positions in their areas. The youth of Tapo and Nga’nga villages were encouraged to #GetoutAndParticipate in issues that affect them.

Be part of the conversations by using the hashtag #PeoplesBudget share the information with other people and don’t forget to add your voice to the #PeoplesBudget.


#People’sBudget Campaign

#People’sBudget Campaign

#Youth4Parliament is partnering with FIGHT Inequality Zambia and CSPR Zambia on a campaign called the #PeoplesBudget

The National Budget is one an important instruments that can ensure a path of poverty reduction thus lessening the wide gap of inequality in the country, but due to its State centeredness and the lack of input by the poor, as a result of little or no knowledge of the budget, it has continued to disenfranchise the poor.

The #PeoplesBudget is Fight Inequality Zambia Campaign designed to build a citizenry that is aware of the budgeting process and tracking its implementation.

Young people must begin to participate in civic issues that affect them. Youth4Parliament will work with partners and stakeholders to ensure that young people are given platforms to engage and add their voices to matters of governance such as the National Budget.

Be part of the conversations by using the hashtag #PeoplesBudget share the information with other people and don’t forget to add your voice to the #PeoplesBudget.



Delegates pose for a photo

Youth4Parliament in conjunction with NGOCC organized a meeting in Kafue last week (11th April, 2019) under the theme “Promoting Constitutionalism, Good Governance and the Rule of law.”

In attendance were different stakeholders and CSO representatives of which majority were women and young people.

Youth4Parliament was represented by Resource Person Thenjiwe Kalunga, who gave a presentation highlighting Youth4Parliament’s objectives and areas of work.

Youth4Parliament Resource Person Thenjiwe Kalunga facilitating at the event.

After the Q&A session, delegates commended the movement and showed interest to support and take part in the movements programs.

They further called for creation of a Platform to work with Youth4Parliament, and to encourage & educate more women and young people about the need for greater participation in politics and governance.

Delegates listen in to the presentation.



Human Rights Peer Educators Program (ECZ/Y4P)

Youth4Parliament Peer Educators Program Application Form.

Youth4Parliament Movement campaigner speaking to residents in George Compound , Lusaka, Zambia about Civic Participation.

(Lusaka Applicants Only)

As part of its #GetOutAndParticipate campaign, Youth4Parliament is looking for passionate, driven, active young people who have a heart for their communities to join other like-minded youths in the Youth4Parliament Human Rights Peer Educators Program , a 12 months program, which starts with 2-day training ( Civic and Political Rights) facilitated by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and Youth4Parliament Resource Persons.

The program aims to equip young people with the capacity to understand and apply Civic and Political Rights in a simple and practical way. You will learn facilitation skills and how to duplicate and adapt your own step down training in the community.

Application deadline: 12th April 2019

Training Date: 15 -16th April 2019

for more information contact

Application link:

#GetOutAndParticipate Campaign launch.

We successfully launched our #GetoutAndParticipate Campaign 12 March, 2019. The #GetoutAndParticipate campaign will concentrate on highlighting the current status quo in regards to youth participation in politics, governance and decision making processes and spaces, with a primary focus on encouraging youths and women to participate in the political, economic and social activities that are taking place in their communities and the country at large.

1. Engage young people and women in political parties on the need and importance for them to contribute to the social, political and economic discussions in their respective political parties and the nation at large.
2. Engage with young people and women who are not actively involved in politics on the need for them to have interest in politics and provide checks and balances to their respective representatives at various levels.
3. Change the perception and mindset of the public about young people, women and politics and governance.
4. Raise awareness on the importance of youth participation in key decision making positions.
5. Engage young people and women on the importance of participating in national governance processes and taking up decision making spaces.

The campaign is a call to young people to be relevant in their own communities without waiting for someone to create entry points for them. The campaign is set to run until 31st December, 2019.

Part of the crowds that attended the launch of the #GetOutAndParticipate campaign by Youth4Parliament

‘Claiming Civic Space- Joint Strategies to ensure development and humanitarian action’ 2019 Conference – Denmark

Youth4Parliament Grassroots Manager, Thompson Luzendi at the civic spaces conference in Denmark., 2019.


We have been invited to participate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Global Focus Conference, in Denmark, from the 4-5th March, and to attend a political event at ActionAid Denmark on 6th March, 2019, which is a continuation of the “Civic Space” theme from the Conference.

We have been invited as panelists to “elaborate on why democratic participation for youths is essential, and how Youth4Parliament works to secure the involvement of Youths in decision making processes in Zambia”, we will also share the strategies that we use as an Organization in our quest to enhance meaningful participation of young people and women in politics and governance.

We will be represented by our Grassroots Manager, Mr. Thompson K Luzendi.

The conference will be centred around the global trend of shrinking space. It will also focus on claiming civic space in relation to the 2030 Agenda, and highlighting the inter-linkages between civic space, SDG 16 and other SDG’ s.

As Youth4Parliament we are treating this invitation as another milestone achievement, following our invitation to the 5th IPU Conference for Young Parliamentarjians in Baku, Azerbaijan last December.

This invitation is a confidence booster in our bid to have greater youth representation and participation not only in Zambia but world over.

It also shows that our efforts, as Youth4Parliament to increase and enhance meaningful participation of young people and women in politics and governance are being recognised.

Kudos Campaigners!


Youth for Parliament sensitisation in George/ Lilanda Township.

By Derrick Sinjela @ George Central Primary School in Lusaka’s Matero Constituency.

The Zambia legislative wing Parliament has 156 MPs elected and 9 nominated by the President. Out of this figure only three (3) are below 35 years representing a 1.8 per cent. This is the picture that Youth 4 Parliament is aspiring to change as Zambia approaches the Thursday 12th August 2021 Presidential Parliamentary and General elections.

The 4 primary objectives for Youth 5 Parliament first, is to advocate for Youth Representation in Parliament. Second Youth 4 Parliament is seeking to increase Young peoples participation Civic and Political affairs of Zambia. Thirdly, to increase youth representation in decision making positions and leadership. Fourthly, building capacity in young people to hold their civic and political leaders accountable and to be responsible citizens. Fifthly, to raise awareness on the need for youth leadership.

Youth for Parliament has members from young people across Zambia, with some of its members coming from Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD), Patriotic Front (PF), The Green Party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) the United Party for National Development (UPND), the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) the United National Independence Party (UNIP) and National Restoration Party (NAREP) and non partisan youths.

Youth 4 Parliament is a supported by the Programme for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA).

A facilitator, Beauty Kabwe expressed delight at interest among a diversity of age groups as most if not all respondents during a door to door campaign chorused a need to increase youth and female participation in the governance process. “We must continue to prepare the electorate to prefer candidates under 35 years as we cannot limit young people to merely voting for adults,” explained Ms. Kabwe.

Sebastian Mwila a facilitator said the team of young people numbering 50 is determined to improve the status of Zambian youth.  “We are always ready to participate in activities meant to increase youthful role in the Zambian governance process,” Mr. Mwila assured Youth for Parliament.

On her part, Youth 4 Parliament Communication Officer Isabel Chifwepa explained that though political parties had enlisted, campaign to increase youth voices at Parliament and Local Government is nonpartisan. “As we go out to sensitise our community, decorum and public etiquette is imperative. If we encounter protest, it is better to talk to another respondent,” advised Ms. Isabel Chifwepa. She emphasized on activists to Preach the Gospel of Voting for Young People on Thursday 12th August 2021 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government polls. “We are approaching 2021 and emphasis must be placed on voting for young people,” admonished Ms. Chifwepa.

The event was also replicated Livingstone by a team led by the Movement Assistant Manager Ms. Maria Malilwe who emphasized on the need for rural youths to take interest in matters affecting them, and made a commitment that the movement would conduct it’s activities in all provinces of Zambia.

The movement is scheduled to conduct similar events in Senanga, Chipata, Mansa, Solwezi and Luanshya.


Political Parties Secretary Generals Pose for photo with the signed social contract.

On Friday, 31st August 2018, history was made in the politics of Zambia as Political Parties in Zambia signed a social contract to ensure the increased participation of young people in Politics especially on Parliamentary level was achieved. The political Parties that signed the social contract were the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) opposition Parties United Party National Development (UPND), Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD), The Green Party, Alliance for Democratic Development (ADD)and the National Restoration Party (NAREP) .

The contract entails that each Political Party will ensure to give priority to young people to contest the parliamentary seats in 5 constituencies of each province in Zambia, the contract further states that not less than 50% of the awarded seats will be go to young women in politics. The contract was signed between Youth 4 Parliament and Secretary Generals of the political parties.

Speaking at the event, the head of the Youth 4 Parliament Movement, Mr. Nawa Villy Sitali affirmed the commitment of the movement in ensuring that these entry points created by political parties would be seen through and that the movement would ensure young people are placed on the ballot come 2021, he also mentioned that the movement was going to involve every young person in Zambia.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka also spoke at the event, Mr. Katuka mentioned that it was high time young people became relevant in politics by practising ethical and responsible politics. The PF’s assistant Media Director Antonio Mwanza delivered a statement on behalf of the PF secretary general where highlighted the importance of young people supporting each other, he further added the need for the campaign to be extended to rural communities and other provinces in Zambia to ensure every young person benefited from the great initiative.

Other people that spoke at the event included the Executive Director of the Center for Young Leaders in Africa (CYLA) Mr. Jones Malunga, Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA) representive Christabel Mwango and Youth 4 Parliament’s  Maria Maliwe. Witnessing  the signing ceremony wchich took place at Mulungushi International Conference were youth and elections chairpersons,  Media, Youth led CSO, and young people.